So earlier today I posted about the Citra Nintendo 3DS emulator on Facebook saying it was an interesting read, which it was. After posting about that I started to think just how dedicated their community was. Not only do people support the development of the emulator but also help create software builds to further help the development of the emulator. The development of the emulator is already impressive without a doubt. Especially since most of it is being developed by people who already have jobs and doing this in their free time. Nothing says dedication when your doing something like this in your free time let alone at all. It says in the article “… emulator development can be axjt9vv5 slow, arduous process…” but they still keep going and going. What really boggles my mind however is the amount of support that the Citra Emulator gets (which is amazing). Not only do the developers themselves use their free time to create this emulator but so do the supporters. Since the Citra emulator is opensource anyone can come in and help improve its ability to run Nintendo 3DS games. So much so that they even have separate builds for it. If this isn’t dedication I have no idea what is. Since the 3DS emulator is being developed by so many different people what does that mean? It means that the end result will be an amazing emulator. With so many different intelligent minds from different view points means different ways to get from point A to point B. Which is good because its going to get completed quicker and will make people more motivated to work on it since so many other people are working on it already. If you want to go check the article you can find it here. Also my Facebook page here.