If you know me in person you would know I love gaming. That’s just a matter of fact. I grew up playing an assortment of game consoles as a kid. Even today I play my fare share of games. Now maybe not as much as other people but I do still get my fare share of gaming in my spare time. But there’s also something that I love just as much as gaming and they go hand and hand with each other fairly well to. Emulators. Emulators have always satisfied me. Not necessarily being able to play gamesDolphin Emulator Logo on emulators (even though that is just as fun) but the process that it does to execute the code to do what it needs to do. Now with that being said I also like the seeing the progression of emulators and the time span of them barely being able to even run at all to fully fledged working emulators like the Gameboy Advance emulator Visual Boy Advance and the iOS Emulator Titan GBA4IOS. These are just examples of fully working emulators. Some popular in development emulators is the Nintendo 3DS emulator Citra, Nintendo Gamecube emulator Dolphin, and the Nintendo Wii U Emulator Cemu. A lot of these are emulators are from the Nintendo platform of consoles but there are so many non Nintendo emulators out there that the few I listed are just a small chunk of emulators out there. There are so many emulators out there that it seems like there’s a new one every other month. But none of the less I think emulators are cool and very interesting to use as well as watching them improve throughout time.