If you have been in the know of Pokémon and or anything emulation you have probably heard of the official cancellation of the rom hack Pokémon Prism. The rom hack that took 8 years to develop. 8 freaking years. Let that soak in for a second, a rom hack that took 8 years to develop just got cancelled. Now for some they’re mad, livid even for some people but sould they be? The answer to that is no. No one should be mad. Actually technically Nintendo should be mad. Now I have no clue if they are actually mad but they definitely are keeping their territory as in their intellectual property. And they have a right to.

See making rom hacks is fine as long as you’re not using anybody IP. Pokémon Prism which the word Pokémon is already a trademark of Nintendo had a lot of Nintendo’s IP in it via the actual Pokémon, sprites, and etc. therefore Nintendo had every right to send a C&D. And even the creator CoolBoyMan stated this in his Facebook post stating the situation. You can find that post here. (He also says that the Facebook page will be deleted in 14 days prior to posting so it will not be available after 14 days, duh).


But out of all this what brought Pokémon Prism onto Nintendo’s radar to sent a C&D? Well the immense hype behind it’s release really. Some of the key things that really stood out to me personally was firstly the actual development of the game which took 8 freaking years! Now it’s one thing that a AAA title taking several years to develop but a single person with a very small team made this. And another big point that stuck out was just the mass amount of features it had. Vast customization, original plot, a new reagion, 20 badges and just so much more. But the hype was the downfall of it. Once it was announced that Pokémon Prism would completely stop develop it was almost instantly that mainstream media caught up with it and we started to see articles from Kotaku, GameSpot, Vice/Waypoint, and Polygon just to name a few major outlets. And even then there are hundreds of other articles based on this situation. So I mean it had some big hype behind it and was also the reason for its downfall. The massive hype for the game was big enough for Nintendo to see it and to shut it down. That’s how Pokémon Prism got shut down.

Now it’s sad to see this much effort and time go to waste. However in the Facebook post coolboyman basically said that all of this was to help him grow and figure out game development. He started this project while he was just starting to go into college. So I mean then he didn’t know any better. He didn’t know that this would be even as close to being as big as it is or that Nintendo would be shutting it down. But no of the less I’m sure he gained a lot from this, without a doubt. Now for those who are completely convinced that it’s never going to be made public to play well fortunately your wrong. He also says that a version was released by unofficial sources and that the game is in the wild. He also says to be very cautious and careful about downloading files stating it has the full game and not just malware. Now before you go on a man hunt to find the rom hack here is a trusted site that has the rom hack plus several other roms. Also some videos since this site is owned by a YouTuber. You can find his site here.